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You can read the first chapters of THE ETERNAL WORLD for free at Wag The Fox or on my Facebook page.

I also wrote a couple new blog posts:

At The Page 69 test, I wrote about what happens on page 69 of the novel, and what it means. Fortunately, it’s a pretty important page.

For SF Signal, I named a few of my other favorite immortals.

After reading all that, if you agree with the New York Post and decide you must have the book, you can get it at AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks, or from your local bookstore through IndieBound.

Today’s The Day: THE ETERNAL WORLD On Sale Now

The Eternal World Cover

Today’s the day: my latest book, THE ETERNAL WORLD, is on sale everywhere from William Morrow. If you haven’t already, you can get your copy from AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks, or from your local bookstore through IndieBound.

But if you prefer the personal touch, you’re in Los Angeles tonight, come on by Barnes & Noble on the 3rd Street Promenade at 7:00 p.m. and you can get your very own hand-signed copy.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Five hundred years ago, a group of Spanish conquistadors searching for gold, led by a young and brilliant commander named Simon De Oliveras, land in the New World. What they find in the sunny and humid swamps of this uncharted land is a treasure far more valuable: the Fountain of Youth. The Spaniards slaughter the Uzita, the Native American tribe who guard the precious waters that will keep the conquistadors young for centuries. But one escapes: Shako, the chief’s fierce and beautiful daughter, who swears to avenge her people—a blood oath that spans more than five centuries. . .

When the source of the fountain is destroyed in our own time, the loss threatens Simon and his men, and the powerful, shadowy empire of wealth and influence they have built. For help, they turn to David Robinton, a scientific prodigy who believes he is on the verge of the greatest medical breakthrough of all time. But as the centuries-old war between Shako and Simon reaches its final stages, David makes a horrifying discovery about his employers and the mysterious and exotic woman he loves. Now, the scientist must decide: is he a pawn in a game of immortals. . . or will he be its only winner?

And here are the early reviews:

Kirkus Reviews: “A fantastical witch’s brew of Spanish conquistadors, biotechnology, and hubris . . . with cinematic pacing and colorful action scenes, Farnsworth blends a unique premise into fun summer reading . . . entertainingly explores the border where science fantasy meets reality.”

Publishers Weekly: “Excellent fantasy thriller . . . The realistic approach is one of this inventive novel’s major strengths.” (Starred review)

Luxury Reading: Marcus Hammond gave the book an incredible review, saying “Farnsworth has blended history, espionage, suspense, science, and even a bit of romance so well that it’s hard to place this novel within a specific genre and even harder to put it down…. Farnsworth’s characterizations are perfect.”

If you want to know what was going through my head when I wrote the book you can check out this interview I did with PW. Or you can read this piece I wrote for THE BIG THRILL.

Finally, to all my friends and family, everyone who’s already bought the book or spread the word, thank you. I am a very lucky man, and I appreciate you more than I can ever say.

Publishers Weekly

THE ETERNAL WORLD got a starred review in Publishers Weekly :

The discovery of the fountain of youth kick-starts this excellent fantasy thriller from Farnsworth… Each man is obsessed with living forever, yet exhausted from the lies and hiding they’ve done for centuries and bored by life’s pleasures. “To live forever, you have to have something to live for,” one of them thinks. The realistic approach is one of this inventive novel’s major strengths.



This is a pretty huge deal for a book nerd like me. And this was only the third or fourth best thing to happen in the past few days. So, yeah. Having a pretty good week, thanks for asking.


The Eternal World CoverHere’s a list of my upcoming signings for THE ETERNAL WORLD. If you’re close by, I hope to see you at one of them.

I’ll also be appearing at the Fall for the Book festival in Fairfax, Virginia on a panel with Suzanne Rigdon, Jenna Black, and Carrie Vaughn. I’ll post here when I have the specific time and date. And I will update with more events when/if they happen.

Kirkus Reviews


THE ETERNAL WORLD got a great review from Kirkus last week. You can read the whole thing here, but I’m pretty happy about these lines:

With cinematic pacing and colorful action scenes, Farnsworth blends a unique premise into fun summer reading. Michael Crichton’s gone, but Farnsworth entertainingly explores the border where science fantasy meets reality.

Yeah, I’ll be grinning about that for a while.

I also like what Tod Goldberg, author of GANGSTERLAND, said in response on Facebook:

I have read this book and can confirm Kirkus is not a bunch of lying motherfuckers.

So with endorsements like that, what are you waiting for? You can pre-order from your friendly neighborhood bookstore by clicking here, or from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.