Waiting For The End Of The World

C of I commencement hatsC of I commencement hats

(On May 17, I was honored to speak to the graduating class of the College of Idaho, where I graduated myself in 1993, and the students were kind enough to sit there and listen. I’ve had a few requests for the text of the speech, so here it is, slightly edited. Twenty-one years ago, I […]

Friday Read: Saturday Night Dead


Here’s something to distract you on a Friday afternoon. (And if you’re at work, it will look like you’re very seriously examining something on your computer.) It’s a short story I did a while ago called “Saturday Night Dead: The Oral History of SNL During The Zombie Outbreak.” It combines two of my abiding obsessions, […]

Halloweek, Day Four: My Nightmares

beware of sleep demonsbeware of sleep demons

Have you ever wondered why zombies and vampires are so popular now? Why they’re being shoved from every orifice of pop culture and into our lives? Consider this: in a few days, the planet’s population will reach seven billion. And they will all want to eat, in a world with rapidly dwindling resources. Maybe the reason […]