Planet Vampire

It’s all vampires, all the time today. Which is not that different than any other day in my office, but still… Trailer is up for “Let Me In, the U.S. remake of “Let The Right One In.” As if I wasn’t still having nightmares from the original. BLOOD OATH mentioned in’s round-up of summer […]

School (of) Sucks

University to offer master’s degree in vampire literature. (Via Topless Robot and FilmDrunk.) “Vampires used to be rooted in the past, representing something primitive; now they are about modern culture, living in cities, listening to punk music, embracing technology. Some are even female, and vegetarian.” George claims that change reflects the fact that vampire stories […]

Today in Vampires…

My buddy Borys Kit (AKA Borys From Canada) has the scoop on a director for a new Dracula project, The Last Voyage of the Demeter. It takes my favorite segment of Bram Stoker’s Dracula — the section where Drac is transported from Transylvania onboard a ship, snacking on the crew as he goes — and […]

Vampire Weekend

From the Wall Street Journal: Vampire Flick ‘New Moon’ Posts Biggest Opening Weekend of 2009 The vampire and werewolf movie “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” posted the biggest opening of the year, taking in $140.7 million in North America — but fell short of the all-time crown. The Summit Entertainment film’s box office take was […]