Action Figures

“Venture Bros.” returns Sunday (Sept. 12) to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, and it’s about goddamn time. I can honestly say this is the one show that has never disappointed me. (I’m looking at you here, “Lost” and “Battlestar Galactica.”) Admittedly, it’s not for everyone. As I’ve said before, “Venture Bros.” — created by insane super-geniuses Jackson […]

How Lost Will End (Serious This Time)

As of this writing, we’re ten episodes away from the end of “Lost,” the obsessive joy of me and mine for over five years now. (That’s longer than some of my friends’ marriages, just FYI.) Since about Season Two, there have been promos for “Lost” that say, “QUESTIONS. WILL. BE. ANSWERED.” And every time, they’re […]

"Lost." Again.

A little late, but here are some of the thoughts still bouncing around in my head after the premiere of “Lost.” When the writers are in trouble — see: Season Two — I have no problem predicting the arc of the plot and the characters. This isn’t some secret psychic ability of mine; I just […]