Man of Steel


Yes, you can probably file this under “Chris is thinking too much about Superman again.” But the latest trailer for Man of Steel is out, and I am almost physically excited by the chances for this movie now. I admit, I’m an easy target for anything about Superman. As a kid, I wore the Underoos, […]

The Superman We’ve Been Waiting For


Got the new Action Comics #1 yesterday and managed to save it for the very end of the evening, with ice cream. It was totally worth it. If the whole DC reboot has done only one thing right, it’s given us Grant Morrison writing a new take on Superman. And it’s pretty freaking great. I’ve […]

"You Will Believe A Man Can Walk."

BLOOD OATH in Borders, Washington D.C. (Thanks, Em.) All right, let’s see what the Internet is hurling at my skull today… *Superman refuses to fly; starts walking instead. No, seriously. Lex Luthor is now the hero of Action Comics. And Lex is apparently shacking up with Lois Lane. Cripes, now there’s a metaphor begging for […]