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The Latest News

Hey, I’m a little behind on my shameless self-promotion, so here’s the latest round, just in time for the weekend.

I was interviewed for the 80th episode of the Reading & Writing Podcast by Jeff Rutherford.

The paperback edition of THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE has hit shelves in the UK, and I got a couple great reviews.

Here’s James Lovegrove of the Financial Times on Cade: An “excellent tongue-in-cheek supernatural blockbuster… the perfect thriller to take on a flight to Transylvania.”

And another by Geoffrey Wansell from The Daily Mail, which is really incredibly flattering: “…this is a tale of real horror and darkness written with verve and flair that seeps into the blood.”

CADE 2012: Reviews and Interviews

More good news and reviews for RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD:

Vampire Queen’s Seal of Approval

The extraordinarily gracious and talented Charlaine Harris, creator of the Sookie Stackhouse series  — the next book, DEADLOCKED, hits May 1 — has given RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD an enthusiastic review on her blog. Which is pretty freaking incredible for me.

Christopher Farnsworth’s premise – that the presidents of the U.S. have, starting with Andrew Johnson, had a vampire at their beck and call – is simply fun. And in Farnsworth’s strongest book yet in the Nathaniel Cade series, Cade encounters an old enemy he’s killed over and over in various guises . . . none other than the Boogeyman. The ingenious part of the book (using various notorious serial killers and their quotes to confirm the existence of such a creature) is – well, I’m envious. Cade continues to be one of modern literature’s most frightening vampires, and this is an excellent read.

Thank you so much, Charlaine. I will hoist a pint or two of True Blood in your honor.

RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD: The First Review

Publishers Weekly has given RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD a great review, calling it a “high-octane supernatural thriller”  that keeps “readers in suspense until the very last page.” Fantastic way to start the week. You can read the entire thing here. And of course, you can pre-order it from any number of fine retailers here.

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