"A Mouth Full of Gold and Blood…"

The Vampire Nation brings in $7 billion, the equivalent of a small country’s GDP. *** My former colleague John Dougherty dodged a bullet; he ran in a crowded primary with almost no money, and he still nearly became John McCain’s opponent for Arizona’s Senate race in November. If he keeps this up, he’s going to […]

Walt Wins


I covered Walt Minnick’s political debut back in 1996, when he ran against men’s-room superstar Larry Craig. He was a good man who got involved in the race to try to make things better. He got trounced. Now he’s Idaho’s newest congressman, beating a right-wing dipshit named Bill Sali for the 1st District Congressional seat […]

A Buckley For Obama (UPDATED)

Christopher Buckley, political satirist, life-long conservative and son of right-wing icon William F. Buckley Jr., is voting for Obama. No, seriously. UPDATE: Christopher Buckley has resigned from the magazine his father founded as a result of his heresy, accompanied by the pitchfork-wielding morons ready to burn him at the stake for it. His column explaining […]

Another Conservative For Obama

Christopher Hitchens — former leftist, author, and Mother Teresa hater — endorses Barack Obama over John McCain in this piece on Slate. A candidate may well change his or her position on, say, universal health care or Bosnia. But he or she cannot change the fact—if it happens to be a fact—that he or she […]