Man of Steel


Yes, you can probably file this under “Chris is thinking too much about Superman again.” But the latest trailer for Man of Steel is out, and I am almost physically excited by the chances for this movie now. I admit, I’m an easy target for anything about Superman. As a kid, I wore the Underoos, […]

My Favorite Movies: Love, Actually

(A regift. Originally published December 22, 2009. Merry Christmas.) As someone who was not really fond of the holiday season for years — long story with familiar elements: divorce, family tension, bills, et cetera — I’m sort of surprised how many of my favorite movies are Christmas-themed. It starts with Die Hard, which is still […]

The Comic Book Menace!

San Diego Comic-Con beckons. Here’s geek centerfold fantasy and Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn on her favorite things about Nerd Prom. And he might not be Maxim-worthy, but Chris Sims has his own take on what to see at Comic-Con. And while I’m not trying to start rumors of an impending Chris Sims/Olivia Munn whirlwind […]