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Because nothing terrifies bad guys like the sexy librarian look.

A couple new reviews this week, after spending a long time away from everything due to revisions on the novel. My take on the pseudo-documentary about gangsters, Gomorrah, is up at E! Online. And my recap/review of “Dollhouse,” Joss Whedon’s latest adventure into the world of hot chicks and sci-fi is up at HitFix, a […]

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

My review of Kevin Smith’s latest movie is up at E! Online: Review in a Hurry: Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks star as friends facing eviction from their crappy apartment who decide to make a porno to pay their bills. While not exactly deep, writer-director Kevin Smith turns this strangely sentimental sex-for-money tale into his […]

Movie Review: Changeling, Plus A Rant

My review of Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, is up at E! Online. Review in a Hurry: A gut-churning true story—about a missing boy and a look-alike runaway forced on his mother by police—is rendered flat by Angelina Jolie‘s sedated performance and an unfocused script from J. Michael Straczynski. As always, you can find my older […]

That's Show Biz…

There’s a reason the behind-the-scenes story is behind the scenes: sometimes, it’s not very entertaining. My review of What Just Happened, a bad script directed and acted by great talent, is up at E! Online: In Hollywood, where you stand in the Vanity Fair photo shoot is a big deal, but aside from a crowd […]