Reinventing the Franchise

The big news in the geek world this week: Superman and Batman are starting over. Again. DC Comics announced it will release new, modern versions of its iconic heroes in 201o, contained in single, graphic-novel formats aimed at the booksellers’ market. This is the latest attempt to bring Batman and Superman into the current century […]

Disney/Marvel Deal Makes Warner Remember It Owns DC

DC comics rack

For the past thirty years or so, DC has been playing catch-up to Marvel. So it shouldn’t have been too surprising after the Disney-Marvel buyout, Warner Brothers suddenly snorted, woke up and remembered it owned a comic book company too. And hey, that company was supposed to be generating movie franchises, wasn’t it? At least, […]

Marvel Team-Up: Peter Parker Meets Mickey Mouse


As pretty much everyone already knows, Disney plans to buy Marvel (story by my friend Dawn C. Chmielewski) bringing the home of Spider-Man, the Hulk and Captain America into the corporate family of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Hannah Montana. I was away from the Internet pretty much all day yesterday, so I’ve had a […]

Superman Flies a Little Further Away from DC

superman no. 1

DC Comics — and its parent company,  Time Warner — just got handed another chunk of legal kryptonite, according to this article in Variety. In an ongoing Federal court battle over Superman, Judge Stephen Larson ruled Wednesday that the family of the superhero’s co-creator, Jerry Siegel, has “successfully recaptured” rights to additional works, including the […]