And that's enough out of you today, Mr. Internet…

Rush Limbaugh says this to an 11-year-old who lost his mother: “And, I would say this to Marcelas Owens: ‘Well, your mom would still have died, because Obamacare doesn’t kick in until 2014.’” You’re all heart, Rush. No wait, not all heart… Pure asshole. That’s it. I’m sure it was hilarious in context. *** Tiger […]

Yeah, We’re Doomed.

There are days I think we’re really going to be all right. Sure, things are screwed up, but eventually, common sense prevails and the decency in people shines through, right? And then something comes along and cock-slaps the hell out of that quaint little notion. Last night, Fox debuted a new game show called “Hole […]