Halloweek: The Crestwood House Monster Series

Jean and I have been touring schools lately, looking for the right place for our older daughter. In between the smart-boards and the iPads and the progressive learning methods, it’s been one punch of nostalgia after another: the smell of modeling clay mixed with sack lunches; the same posters that were up on the walls […]

Halloweek: Lightning Round!

• Cracked.com has five examples of stories from history that are just as frightening as any horror movie. Doesn’t include my favorite, but the one about a real-life Chucky doll makes up for it. There’s also this piece from Cracked about the creepiest stories in the history of war.(Spoilers: it includes eating human flesh.) • Paranormal […]

Halloweek: Dracula Cha-Cha-Cha

Bela Lugosi at the CopaBela Lugosi at the Copa

I would have sworn that Kim Newman invented the song from his book of the same title, Anno Dracula: Dracula Cha Cha Cha. (If you haven’t already, go out and pick up the entire Anno Dracula series, now available from Titan Books. It’s freaking amazing.) But as it turns out, it’s a real song by Bruno […]

Halloweek, Day Five: FrankenFriday

doc frankenstein big gundoc frankenstein big gun

The Top Five Versions of Frankenstein, After Shelley There is clearly some strong tendency to make the monster created by Mary Shelley in her classic novel into a hero despite the fact that it killed women and children in a twisted desire for revenge. Maybe this is because its creator, Victor, was such a complete […]