The Superman We’ve Been Waiting For


Got the new Action Comics #1 yesterday and managed to save it for the very end of the evening, with ice cream. It was totally worth it. If the whole DC reboot has done only one thing right, it’s given us Grant Morrison writing a new take on Superman. And it’s pretty freaking great. I’ve […]

I Am Not At Comic-Con

Gratuitous Cosplay Cheesecake shotGratuitous Cosplay Cheesecake shot

Right now, at this moment, there are bins of half-price trade paperbacks going unfondled by me. There are lines of people waiting for hours for the chance to see movie trailers a month before everyone else and I am not one of them. There might be a 40-year-old nerd embarrassing himself in front of Paul […]

It's Nerd Wednesday: Not At Comic-Con Edition


Yes, yes, I know: it’s Comic-Con. And once again, I’m not going. As it turns out, having a toddler cuts down on the time available to invest in nerd obsessions. Who knew? I am a little sad about that — I’ve been to Comic-Con almost every year I’ve lived in California — but not too […]