Vampire Is The New Black

Every couple of months, I hear how “vampires are so over,” from various folks. Every vampire movie or TV show is supposed to be the last one, and audiences won’t tolerate another one. And then something like Twilight comes around and makes roughly a kajillion dollars. It should be obvious, but vampires don’t stay dead. […]

The Opposite of Jumping The Shark


Believe it or not, “Dollhouse” got good last night. Joss Whedon, you magnificent bastard. Full recap available at Some thoughts, however, that didn’t make it into the recap due to time/space issues: Is it a bad sign for the show that this was the most absorbing episode yet, and its lead actress was barely […]

In theaters and on TV

Because nothing terrifies bad guys like the sexy librarian look.

A couple new reviews this week, after spending a long time away from everything due to revisions on the novel. My take on the pseudo-documentary about gangsters, Gomorrah, is up at E! Online. And my recap/review of “Dollhouse,” Joss Whedon’s latest adventure into the world of hot chicks and sci-fi is up at HitFix, a […]