I Am Not At Comic-Con

Gratuitous Cosplay Cheesecake shotGratuitous Cosplay Cheesecake shot

Right now, at this moment, there are bins of half-price trade paperbacks going unfondled by me. There are lines of people waiting for hours for the chance to see movie trailers a month before everyone else and I am not one of them. There might be a 40-year-old nerd embarrassing himself in front of Paul […]

The Comic Book Menace!

San Diego Comic-Con beckons. Here’s geek centerfold fantasy and Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn on her favorite things about Nerd Prom. And he might not be Maxim-worthy, but Chris Sims has his own take on what to see at Comic-Con. And while I’m not trying to start rumors of an impending Chris Sims/Olivia Munn whirlwind […]

Morning Distractions

A list of the greatest hidden moments in what might be Alan Moore’s greatest (and least celebrated work) since Watchmen: Top 10, about a police precinct in a city full of superhumans. *** Kevin Smith is spending way too much time on Twitter. *** The case for keeping Comic-Con in San Diego. But here’s the […]

It's Nerd Wednesday: Not At Comic-Con Edition


Yes, yes, I know: it’s Comic-Con. And once again, I’m not going. As it turns out, having a toddler cuts down on the time available to invest in nerd obsessions. Who knew? I am a little sad about that — I’ve been to Comic-Con almost every year I’ve lived in California — but not too […]