Living Legend Still Legend, Living


A couple of years ago my mom found a box with all my elementary school papers. In addition to some embarrassing pictures — I rocked a bowl cut for far longer than the style would allow — I came across one of those questionnaires that teachers have their kids fill out when it’s Friday and […]

I Really Wanted The Power Ring To Work

I admit, I was a huge sucker for these ads: When I actually did send money to one of these reputable retailers, I usually got the envelope back marked “RETURN TO SENDER — ADDRESSEE UNKNOWN.” (I was not always great at matching up the dates on my comics with the current calendar.) The one company […]

Harry Birthday

Today is the 137th birthday of Harry Houdini, or, as one author puts it, America’s first superhero. This photo occupies a special place in my heart and in my house; it was a gift from my mother-in-law. (My wife’s grandfather is standing the background, wearing glasses. He was, incidentally, the tallest man to have graduated […]

The Legendary Beau Smith

Beau Smith is running “Wynonna Earp Week” over at First Comics News to announce his original graphic novel, Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars from IDW Publishing. If you don’t already know Beau, he’s been writing comics since forever, as well as marketing those books to the wider world out there. He’s the guy who made […]

The Comic Book Menace!

San Diego Comic-Con beckons. Here’s geek centerfold fantasy and Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn on her favorite things about Nerd Prom. And he might not be Maxim-worthy, but Chris Sims has his own take on what to see at Comic-Con. And while I’m not trying to start rumors of an impending Chris Sims/Olivia Munn whirlwind […]