The Avengers

avengers first issueavengers first issue

I imagine Joss Whedon is going to have a hard time picking up his comics at the local shop because of all the unsolicited hugs he’ll receive from the geek community. He pulled it off. He made a full-blown, unapologetic superhero movie. And he had the top opening weekend of any film, ever. That means […]

Disney/Marvel Deal Makes Warner Remember It Owns DC

DC comics rack

For the past thirty years or so, DC has been playing catch-up to Marvel. So it shouldn’t have been too surprising after the Disney-Marvel buyout, Warner Brothers suddenly snorted, woke up and remembered it owned a comic book company too. And hey, that company was supposed to be generating movie franchises, wasn’t it? At least, […]

Nerd Wednesday: WB Gains a Lantern, but Loses Superman?

green lantern foldee

The results are in: Ryan Reynolds will be Hal Jordan, if the Warner Bros. movie version of Green Lantern ever gets off the ground. Reynolds seems born to play a super-hero — look at the abs and the chin, for Christ’s sake — but until now, he’s been stuck with C-listers. He played Marvel characters […]