And In Other News…

Yes, yes, there’s much bigger news in the world than my book launch and the press I’ve been getting. But that’s just how self-absorbed I am. Feel free to move along if you don’t want any shilling today: THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE is one of James’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Picks at Barnes & Noble. The UK […]

Get Great Prizes!

Starting tonight at midnight (PDT), we here at Nathaniel Cade Central are going to be giving away T-shirts to anyone who buys the new novel THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE and offers proof of purchase. E-mail me with the receipt, take a pic with your cell phone, post it on your FB page or blog or on […]

At the bottom of your cereal box this week…

2011 tour T-shirt2011 tour T-shirt

Hey there, vampire rangers. Here’s how it is. This week, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE will go on sale everywhere THURSDAY, APRIL 28. For the day of APRIL 28, if you buy the book and send proof of purchase — an email copy of your receipt, a pic of you with the book, a DNA swab, a […]

BOOK TOUR: Tattered Cover, Denver, 5.24.10

Thank you to the Tattered Cover for the rock-star treatment, and all the people who showed up, especially the ones who just wandered in and gave the book a chance based on the reading. Big thanks also to Peter Boyles and Greg Hollenback and everyone on his show for the early-morning interview, and all the […]

Book Tour: Mysterious Galaxy 5.23.10

The signing at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego was a real honor — it’s one of the motherships for geeks in the country, and they showed great faith in a first-time author like me. Many thanks to Maryelizabeth, Patrick, Michael and everyone else at the store. Thanks also to the incredibly prolific author Nathan Long, […]