Recommended Reading 05.10.12


I am a terrible salesman. I bombed out of telemarketing jobs in high school, could not move a single chocolate bar for band fundraisers, and always had a huge pile of unsold Scout-O-Rama tickets every year. Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross would probably have me taken out back and shot. If you’re reading […]

Going Viral

Yes, it's a Rick Springfield reference.Yes, it's a Rick Springfield reference.

Despite the best efforts of a mutant virus and Alaska Airlines, I have returned home. For those of you not following the updates on Twitter, I was forced to cancel my book tour halfway through due to my intestines leaping up and trying to throttle my brain to death. Or at least, that’s what it […]

CADE 2012: This Is The Day

Helen BoswellHelen Boswell

People have been wishing me “Happy Release Day” all morning. Although that might sound like a special form of massage or what you hear when you get out of prison, it actually means that today is the day you can buy RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD at your friendly neighborhood bookseller. So if you’ve been coming […]

CADE 2012: Reviews and Interviews

Parents' Brains!Parents' Brains!

More good news and reviews for RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD: Stefan Blitz at the indispensable site Forces of Geek was kind enough to interview me about the new book and Cade’s whole twisted history. Check it out here. And thanks, Stefan. Great reviews for the book from Jenn at Jenn’s Bookshelves and Caleb at Luxury […]

RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD: Campaign Kick-Off


This is the big week. RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD hits stands on THURSDAY, APRIL 26, and I’m going to be stalking bookstores all over the nation to sign copies and harass passers-by. If, somehow, you’ve missed any of my self-promotion so far, this is your chance to catch up. First, you can read the first […]