At the bottom of your cereal box this week…

2011 tour T-shirt2011 tour T-shirt

Hey there, vampire rangers. Here’s how it is. This week, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE will go on sale everywhere THURSDAY, APRIL 28. For the day of APRIL 28, if you buy the book and send proof of purchase — an email copy of your receipt, a pic of you with the book, a DNA swab, a […]

Paperback Writer

BLOOD OATH paperbackBLOOD OATH paperback

Today, the paperback edition of BLOOD OATH will hit stands everywhere. This is kind of a big deal for me because in the dark ages before Borders, Barnes & Noble and, my main bookstore was the paperback rack at the local M&W. For years, that and the public library would sustain me between the […]

New Year, New Novel, New Site

2011 is here — yes, I know, it’s actually been here for a while — and thanks to Richard Feliciano, I’ve got a brand-spanking-new website to go in with the new year. For those of you I haven’t already bombarded with the news, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE, the sequel to BLOOD OATH, will hit stands April […]

Bigfoots of the World, Unite

My interview with Minnesota Public Radio’s Kerri Miller is here on the MPR website. Also, you can now pre-order the paperback of BLOOD OATH, and pre-order the sequel, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE. And let’s not forget the stylish merchandise you can grab at Zazzle. OK. That’s it for the message from our sponsors. Now, the news: […]

"Well, Mr. Mayor?"

Nathan Fillion is already an A-lister to me. (Wow. That looks really creepy when it’s typed out like that.) Why do “True Blood’s” vamps have their fangs on the laterals, not the cuspids? This is actually something that’s bothered me for a while. Leave it to The Answer B!tch to uncover the truth. The weirdest […]