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At the bottom of your cereal box this week…

Hey there, vampire rangers. Here’s how it is.

This week, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE will go on sale everywhere THURSDAY, APRIL 28. For the day of APRIL 28, if you buy the book and send proof of purchase — an email copy of your receipt, a pic of you with the book, a DNA swab, a scan of your paper receipt — to, then you will get an official President’s Vampire Tour 2011 T-shirt.

It looks like this:

Of course, there are some rules.

  • This offer is only good for APRIL 28, 2011. That starts at 12:00 AM on Thursday and ends at midnight (UPDATE: That’s Pacific Daylight Time). Get me your pic or email within that time frame, or you don’t get a T-shirt.
  • I will pay standard U.S. Postal Service shipping to deliver the shirts. If you are out of clean clothes and need a good shirt for your cousin’s wedding, let me know and we’ll discuss getting it to you sooner.
  • This offer is not good for my first book, BLOOD OATH, even if you purchase it within the time period. Sorry.
  • If you’re ordering on Amazon or or any of the online stores, email me a copy of your receipt. That will count.
  • Anyone who pre-ordered the book — don’t worry, you’re not left out. Send me a copy of your receipt on April 28 within the 24-hour period.
  • Anyone who’s buying the book for your Kindle, Nook or other mobile device, you’re eligible as well. Send me a copy of your receipt on April 28 within the 24-hour period.
  • Supplies are limited; first come, first served, as decided by the time the email hits my inbox. (Don’t worry. I’ve got a lot of them. If I run out, I’ll happily dance over to the T-shirt shop and make more. But don’t dawdle. Twenty-four hours is the limit.)
  • One T-shirt per book.
  • Attempts to game the system or cheat mean no T-shirt for you. I also reserve the right to revise the rules to keep things fair and honest, or to include anything obvious I might have forgotten.

There will be a Twitter-based contest on Thursday with even more fabulous prizes, so keep an eye on @chrisfarnsworth. And, as always, stay bloodthirsty.

Paperback Writer

Today, the paperback edition of BLOOD OATH will hit stands everywhere.

This is kind of a big deal for me because in the dark ages before Borders, Barnes & Noble and, my main bookstore was the paperback rack at the local M&W. For years, that and the public library would sustain me between the all-too-rare trips to the bookstore downtown. (My hometown, due to a mix of poor urban planning and geography, didn’t even get a mall until I was a sophomore senior in high school.) I was introduced to many of my favorite authors because they were slotted into spaces on the wire racks by the comic books and magazines. There was something so great about discovering a new book in the Fletch series or getting scared just by reading the back of a Stephen King novel.

I really hope someone else has that same feeling when they see this at the local grocery store:

In other news, I can see that I’ve been neglectful in my relentless ego-surfing and self-promotion. Here are a few spots around the Internet where my name has popped up lately.

New Year, New Novel, New Site

2011 is here — yes, I know, it’s actually been here for a while — and thanks to Richard Feliciano, I’ve got a brand-spanking-new website to go in with the new year.

For those of you I haven’t already bombarded with the news, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE, the sequel to BLOOD OATH, will hit stands April 28, 2011. If you can’t wait that long, there’s a preview included in the paperback edition of BLOOD OATH, available March 1. Even more bloody mayhem included, I promise.

More features will be added to the site as we get closer to the launch date — including an original, untold tale of Nathaniel Cade, as well as previously classified files on his persistent enemies in the Shadow Company.

For everyone who’s read the first book already, thanks so much. It’s going to be a great year.

Planet Vampire

It’s all vampires, all the time today. Which is not that different than any other day in my office, but still…

BOOK TOUR: Tattered Cover, Denver, 5.24.10

Thank you to the Tattered Cover for the rock-star treatment, and all the people who showed up, especially the ones who just wandered in and gave the book a chance based on the reading. Big thanks also to Peter Boyles and Greg Hollenback and everyone on his show for the early-morning interview, and all the kind words. Next stop, Phoenix, and the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale on Wednesday, May 26.

And a big thanks to Bill and Mary, who drove almost two hours to make the reading last night. They deserved a lot more, but all I had was the T-shirts.

Oh, and I owe my brother and his wife bigtime for putting me up and for padding the crowd.

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