Introducing the HulkOMeter

Hulk Anger LevelHulk Anger Level

Because it’s important to me to categorize these things, I’ve come up with a new system for measuring the level of rage the outside world provokes in me as I read about it on the Internet. It’s taken from a board game I used to play as a kid. It’s called the HulkOMeter: Rage levels […]

Life Lessons From B'Wana Beast and others

1. A dad uses Batman to teach his son about death. I’m not crying. You’re crying. Shut up. 2. A glossary to the terms used on “30 Rock.” 3. Reaction to David Carr’s great story about the decline and fall of the Tribune. 4. In praise of Blackadder. If the only way you know Rowan […]

Reinventing the Franchise

The big news in the geek world this week: Superman and Batman are starting over. Again. DC Comics announced it will release new, modern versions of its iconic heroes in 201o, contained in single, graphic-novel formats aimed at the booksellers’ market. This is the latest attempt to bring Batman and Superman into the current century […]