Everyone Wants To Be Trendy…

First it was Christopher Buckley. Then Christopher Hitchens. Now that Colin Powell and Scott McCellan have joined the Obama bandwagon, there’s a stampede of conservatives who want it known they’re endorsing the Democratic nominee for prez. Including one guy who was a McCain adviser and a former Reagan administration official. This week, Fried announced that […]

Count The Blinks

One thing to consider regarding McCain’s debate performance: he who blinks the most, loses. From the International Journal of Psychophysiology: For eight U.S. presidential elections during the period 1960–2004, the rapid blinker during debates received fewer overall votes than his opponent. In seven of these eight elections, the rapid blinker also lost the electoral vote […]

A Buckley For Obama (UPDATED)

Christopher Buckley, political satirist, life-long conservative and son of right-wing icon William F. Buckley Jr., is voting for Obama. No, seriously. UPDATE: Christopher Buckley has resigned from the magazine his father founded as a result of his heresy, accompanied by the pitchfork-wielding morons ready to burn him at the stake for it. His column explaining […]

Another Conservative For Obama

Christopher Hitchens — former leftist, author, and Mother Teresa hater — endorses Barack Obama over John McCain in this piece on Slate. A candidate may well change his or her position on, say, universal health care or Bosnia. But he or she cannot change the fact—if it happens to be a fact—that he or she […]