2 thoughts on “SATURDAY NIGHT DEAD: The Oral History of SNL’s Zombie Season

  1. […] Here’s something to distract you on a Friday afternoon. (And if you’re at work, it will look like you’re very seriously examining something on your computer.) It’s a short story I did a while ago called “Saturday Night Dead: The Oral History of SNL During The Zombie Outbreak.” It combines two of my abiding obsessions, zombies and “Saturday Night Live.” I know Seth Grahame-Smith mashed up zombies with Pride and Prejudice, but I’ve never been that highbrow. […]

  2. Zach B.S. says:

    This truly frightened me. The way you wrote this was wonderful. You did not even have to get too detailed with what actually happened on that ladt show. The subtlety was more than enough as were the implications. I had a little trouble sleeping after I read this haha. This is true horror right here. Well done.

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