5 thoughts on “EXTRAS – DELETED SCENE – Cade vs. The Bloody Benders

  1. Zach says:

    I am glad that I came to your website, not just today, but since I discovered it. I enjoy these “deleted scenes” and online exclusives. You should definitely keep these coming until the release of the third book. I really admire and respect the amount of research you and your team do to tie in all these weird/sometimes unknown tidbits of history and make them fit into your story. It’s truly amazing!!

  2. […] First, you can read the first chapter of RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD right here. Or check out this deleted scene from the book. […]

  3. Jackie Farrell says:

    I didn’t realise the Benders were a real family until I read the comment above. I thought you’d just made them up! Are they well-known in America, like the Hatfields and McCoys family (who I had also never heard of until the TV series came over here – UK – last year)?

  4. Imgray says:

    When will the next book come out? The audio book is so good please continue using the same narrator he makes a great book better if that’s at all possible. The deleted scenes are fantastic . I love this series , next book please.

  5. joe pagliaro says:

    Greatly waiting for the fourth book…

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