The Love Song of Dr. Johnny Fever

wkrp castwkrp cast

Let me tell you why I love “WKRP in Cincinnati.” I watched a lot of TV as a kid. A good four to six hours a day sometimes. Which is especially amazing when you consider how little there was, compared to what we have now. (Three channels. No TiVo. No cable. My daughters simply do not […]

Friday Read: Saturday Night Dead


Here’s something to distract you on a Friday afternoon. (And if you’re at work, it will look like you’re very seriously examining something on your computer.) It’s a short story I did a while ago called “Saturday Night Dead: The Oral History of SNL During The Zombie Outbreak.” It combines two of my abiding obsessions, […]

I’ve Got A Secret

The White House Correspondents Dinner is far more entertaining in retrospect. You can hear Obama laughing loudly at all of Seth Meyers’ jokes. Even the ones that no one else finds funny. Then there’s his incredibly loose, stick-and-jab takedown of Donald Trump, where you can see how much weight is off his shoulders. In retrospect, […]