And In Other News…

Yes, yes, there’s much bigger news in the world than my book launch and the press I’ve been getting. But that’s just how self-absorbed I am. Feel free to move along if you don’t want any shilling today: THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE is one of James’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Picks at Barnes & Noble. The UK […]

“Don’t Ask — Just Buy It!”

In the home of every AmericanIn the home of every American

We’re just six days from the release date of THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE (available everywhere from G.P. Putnam’s Sons on April 28). That means this blog will set the phasers on shill for the next few weeks. Seriously, it’s going to be like a used-car dealership around here. You’ve been warned. And now, more news in […]

My Latest Favorite Things


1. The Feedback column in New Scientist. It is a rich vein of nerd humor with  wordplay like “Freddie Hg” and readers who send in the many illogical, incorrect and unscientific uses of scientific-sounding language in the media and the world. “Radioactive peanuts” is the punchline to one of these jokes. (I won’t spoil it […]

Make Me Laugh

It’s hard to make people laugh. Scratch that. It’s easy to make people laugh, especially in America. I read once how Europeans tend to think we’re brain-damaged because of our habit of adding a chuckle to every minor interaction, as if a cashier telling you, “Have a better one” is a hilarious bon mot worthy […]