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That Escalated Quickly

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In less than one day, the new Cade story went to #1 in Amazon’s Vampires category. As I said on Twitter, that’s all due to you guys. Thanks so much.




  1. You’re certainly welcome Chris!
    We devoted fans do what we can.

  2. Fantastic now can’t wait for the next full length Cade story.

  3. Great news! Haven’t picked it up yet but I sure will as soon as I can. Big congratulations!

  4. I don’t have a Kindle reader, but because I love this series I downloaded the Amazon app to my laptop so that I can read the story. I wish that this was available elsewhere–hope your future books are not done in this format exclusively.

  5. Thank you so much, Caroline. That’s a big compliment.

    And yes, future books will be in print as well. This format just worked better for the short story.

  6. Will this be comming out on audio book soon? The first three books have made my commutes so much better!

  7. Please don’t turn into another Mike Carey and go dark after creating an amazing character. Been waiting awhile now for the next Cade novel and was hoping to have it by now.

  8. I dont have a Kindle, i have a Nook. Will this novella be available for Nook readers? I absolutely love this series and can’t wait for the next one in the series!!

  9. Glad to be see Cade in action again, hope there will be more short stories or novellas featuring him until the next novel arrives (hint, hint).

  10. I don’t have an eReader. No fair that book readers can’t enjoy Burning Men also.!

  11. One word……Awesome! Thanks for the short story, it helps keep us Cade fans from total detoxing. Keep up the great story telling and when can we expect your next work out, Cade or other wise, I think you announced last year of a new project, “Bimini”? Thanks again and jones’n for the next book.

  12. !!! WHY IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE NOOK??? This is very saddening. 🙁 Please release through BN!

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