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Author of Blood Oath, The Eternal World, and Killfile

The Burning Men: A Cade Story

The Burning Men


For everyone who’s been asking when they get to see Nathaniel Cade again… he’s back. Just in time for President’s Day, here’s THE BURNING MEN, a short Cade novella available on Amazon through Kindle. That’s a vampire secret agent, spontaneous human combustion, and occult terrorism, all for less than a vanilla latte at Starbucks.

Here’s the synopsis:

A man stands up in a crowded movie theater. A moment later, everything is burning. When the smoke clears and the bodies are removed, there is no trace of any bomb, or device, or even a matchstick. There’s just the corpse of one man, a statue in ash, with an obscene grin still upon his charred skull.

Nothing human could have done this.

Fortunately, Nathaniel Cade isn’t human, either. Turned into a blood-drinking abomination 145 years ago, he is bound by a special blood oath to serve and protect the United States from supernatural threats. Together with his White House handler, Zach Barrows, Cade races to find out who was behind the murders of a dozen innocent people. They have no suspects, no leads, and no explanations.

All they have is Cade’s vampiric talents and a ticking countdown to the next explosion. Because Cade is certain of one thing: this is only where the fire starts…

This is my first ebook-only Cade story. If you like it, please spread the word. Depending on how this one goes, I might do more.

And, as always, stay bloodthirsty and thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy it.



  1. I don’t have an ebook or kindle or any of that stuff but I want to read it. Now what?

  2. As soon as I get home!

  3. Chris,
    I agree with Raven. I can read it online, but I’d MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH rather have a permanent copy that I can shelve with your other two Cade novels. I am MOST DEFINITELY a fan. It seems a shame to me that the actual “physical” book is on the wane. Is there no permanence to anything anymore?

  4. Raven, Susan —

    I’m really sorry that I don’t have another delivery method for this. I love and prefer hard copy books myself. But It’s tough to find a market for short novellas (or long short stories) and this is the easiest, quickest way today to get a story in this format out to the public. Maybe in the future I can do a paperback version of Cade stories, if I get enough together. For now, this is the best I can do. I do appreciate your support, and I’m very sorry to disappoint you.

  5. Thanks for the nice response Chris! What about a FULL novel sometime about a new Cade adventure. You did kind of leave us hanging in the last few pages of The President’s Vampire. A perfect setup for a story about how Cade handles working for the new and certainly evil President. Sorry, I seem to be so demanding. I collect Vampire books and have over 350. Yours are in the VERY BEST section and I have recommended them to many.
    Just a thought for you to “bite” on. LOL
    Sorry for the bad pun. Just couldn’t resist.

  6. Stephanie Raffel

    February 12, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    Wow, what a treat. Sitting here by the pool in Costa Rica I thought nothing could excite me more. Finding and downloading the novella just made my day. The word just went out to Facebook and to all of the girls (all Cade fans) in our international book club. Hopefully there won’t be restrictions for the folks down under like there are for some books . . . .

  7. Thank you, Susan. I really appreciate the kind words. And there will be another Cade book. Just not for a while. I’m glad you like him so much. Don’t worry; he won’t let me off the hook.

    Stephanie, glad I could make your vacation a little better. (Although it sounds pretty great already.) The story should be available on international Amazon sites soon, although it depends on Amazon how fast that happens. Thanks so much for spreading the word. It’s a huge help. Have a great time.

  8. Simply WONDERFUL about a book in the future!!
    Just a note that Kindles cost $69.00 on Amazon and it’s $1.99 for the novella. Hardbacks run around $25.00 or so and paperbacks around $8-9. The book is still the best “deal”.
    I’ll keep watching for that next Cade book, Chris.
    Thank you very much for your first two!
    Take care

  9. Hi Chris. I just bought the novella through Amazon UK, so hopefully other ‘internationals’ won’t have any problem. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the story. I hope you are well. Rae

  10. Thanks so much, Rae. I really hope you enjoy it. Take care.

  11. Dare we hope this is the beginning to a Cade anthology?

  12. @Raven Stratford If you have either a android, iphone, ipod touch or a blackberry you can download the kindle app and then get the book. And the kindle app is free. All you need is an Amazon account.

  13. A new Cade story? Count me in – gotta go share the news!

    Thanks Chris!


  14. Hello Mr. Farnsworth:
    First of all i would like to thank you for a new Cade novel and the low price of that. I really enjoyed the other 3 (don’t understand why people talk about two, i have read Blood Oath, The president’s vampire and Red, white and blood (i loved the references to cult horror movies in that one)).
    I bought your new book in a few minutes ago and i will start reading asap.
    By the way, you are one of the very few authors i read in english (not’s my languaje) because i don’t want to wait until your novels would be published in Spain, so your books help me to improve my english.
    Just want to say that i would like to see this book printed too and that i am really eager to read a continuation of Red, white and blood.
    Best Regards

  15. Alvaro,
    You’re right. My bad! There are THREE books and the last one is “Red, White and Blood”. This is the one I was referring to. I was confused(not that unusual sometimes, I might add). Thanks for putting me straight. Sorry Chris!

  16. Thanks, Chris. And no worries, Susan. Believe me, I get confused. Just FYI, this story takes place right before RED, WHITE, AND BLOOD. So no spoilers.

  17. Hello Chris

    im a huge fan of the Cade series own all 3 love how you took the H.P Lovecraft story about Innsmouth Massachusetts im from New Bedford and lived in Haverhill so im familier with that area.I found it amazing how you took that story and merged it with the Cade series and cannot wait for your next novel i have no E-reader so im at a loss 🙁

  18. To those who say they have no e-reader. If you have either an iphone, android, blackberry or even a tablet you can down load the kindle app for the smart phones and the cloud reader for the tablet. And then you can download the story and read the story. All you will need is an Amazon account to get the story.

  19. Who wants to read a book on something as small as an iphone, seriously. No tablet here either, guess i’ll wait for the next printed book as well.:-(
    Aren’t there print on demand sites for selfpublished stuff similar to the ebook? I think Amazon may even provide this service.

  20. Glad to see that there are a number of fans who are looking for books/short stories in print too. Not your fault though Chris. Do understand that the market for getting a novella in print are far and few between.
    I do agree however with Greg, who wants to read it on a tiny cell phone screen?

  21. @Greg, How about if you have a kindle or a tablet. Because Amazon has an app for a tablet and if you have a kindle you don’t need an app for it. So you would not need to look at it on a little cell phone screen if you don’t want to. Or since you have a computer you can download the cloud from Amazon and read it on the computer screen. So that is some ways you don’t need a cell phone to read the new Cade story.

  22. Chris, I absolutely love your Cade series and I’ve been waiting for almost 2 yrs for this one.
    However, since I’m from China, I can only aquire a copy from the local bookstore or order it from I’ve got a kindle,though ,but they don’t sell this one to who’s from Asia-Pacific!
    It’s just so hugh a frustration!
    Well, I do hope the paperback comes out and also the sequel to White, Red and Blood.

    Love u.

  23. I loved The Burning Men novella please please when is the next full length Cade book coming out? So so looking forward to his next adventure. Jane

  24. Just picked it up. Can’t wait to read it.

  25. Bill In Glens Falls

    April 16, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    Is it me, or did you adroitly mention the novella in “Red, White and Blood.”

    I just finished it today after a re-read of “Blood Oath,” then a first read of “The President’s Vampire.”

    Yes, left hanging for sure.


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